The 4 Keys To Financial Freedom
& The Wealth You Deserve

Create the money, the opportunties, the freedom you deserve

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  • 30th January 2016

    Nairobi, Kenya

  • Pride Inn Hotel, Westlands, Westlands Road, Nairobi, Kenya

  • Learn from a Top International
    Wealth Expert 

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About The Event

You will learn how to make a massive impact on your ability to make more money. The event will teach you the 4 most essential keys which form the most powerful Forex techniques and Wealth Creation to have in today’s competitive market. The same 4 keys that the business greats like Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Gina Rometty plus many more have used to create their income, enabling you to do the same and create the wealth, the future and the opportunities that you deserve. 
Learn why all the greats use Forex trading to create wealth by leveraging their money and make it grow 20 to 30 times faster than any other financial option in the market today.

What you will get! 

1. Learn how to make more money to free yourself, free your time, and live life on your own terms. You will learn how to make more money and leverage your money so that you can free yourself from what you are doing now, create more opportunities, free up your time and leave your job.

2. Learn how to use just 30 minutes a day to change your future by trading Forex to make a massive impact on your wealth for you, your family and everyone else around you.  

3. Learn how to create an extra income stream and create the wealth and future you deserve now. 

4. Learn how & why all business leaders choose trading Forex as a major investment tool to dramatically increase their income, increase their options and most importantly to secure their future. 

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  • It was an incredible day and has really helped me gain a solid understanding to why I have failed in the past with previous business ideas. I am really looking forward to taking my business to the next level and now increasing my earning potetnial. I would strongly recommend anyone to take this event if they are serious about becoming more successful. Ed is raw, straight to the point and teaches in a way that is so easy to undersstand. Honestly was an amazing event I am so glad I made the distance to come. thank you"
    Akosua Jackson 
    Mum and Future Business Owner 
  • ”This event and Ed has changed the way I think and and as a result, everything I do. I can't wait to continue my journey and be more successful at work, in my personal life and now finally create other ways to earning outside my current role"
    Joey Korlin
    Commercial Broker
  • “An extremely useful event and it was delivered exceptionally well so we could all really understand and take a lot a way with us. Ed explained the process and the techniques so well that it was amazing to see how quickly so many people could take the information and apply it instantly to get results. The end part of the day was incredible and I cant wait to start on my trading journey and become an investor.
    Richard Langley 
    Plumber and future trader 
  • "I loved it from the start to the finish. What value, what an experience, I love the way in which Ed is so passionate about what he does. Its was so beneficial for me and my ability to earn more money, I cant wait to start trading straight away, thank you so much" 
    Carol Reid
    Business Woman 
  • "I have done loads of business events before and I get very wary of going to them because people claim to offer so much. Ed really does deliver, and keeps delivering. The strategies that I have implemented in my business since the event have easily saved me over a £200,000 in lost revenue. The event was priceless to me. Of course I am doing more courses with them. He has taught me so much practical information to help me with my earning potential in such short time." 
    Danna Agyaie
  • "Huge value day, I couldn't believe how much I learnt, and was so worth it. I’ve continued to use what Ed has taught me on the day, and I can’t wait to do more courses with the Knightbridge Academy. Never before have I felt so capable to use information that I have learnt and action it in my business and my life to see positive change and results.”
    Candace Armid 
    Training Broker & Student


Pride Inn Hotel Westlands

Westlands Road 



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  • About Knightsbridge Trading Academy: Knightsbridge Trading Academy provides unprallel coaching classes and training seminars for the professional and the public those who want to create more wealth in their life. All seminars are aimed at those that are seirous about wanting to make changes for the better in thier lives. Knightsbridge Trading Acadmey brings a fresh and innovative approach to teaching those who have never traded before, bridging the gap between the novice and the professional. 
  • Is food and/or accommdation included? 
    We don't provide these. However this venue is situated near places where you can purchase food. 
  • Why is this event free?
    This event is sponsored by the Knightsbridge Trading Academy to create awareness for entrepreneurs and to inspire everyday people to have and increase their earning potential.